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SNIPER WAF is an active network web security solution which simultaneously detects and analyzed various types of intrusion on web resources and web page forgery to block the malicious packet, to prevent the personal information leakage, to terminate the suspicious session, and to manage the attacks.


SNIPER WAF is a Web Application Firewall which actively responses to the web page forgery and various intrusion behaviors on the web resources by immediate detecting and analyzing to block the malicious packet. SNIPER WAF provides the detection and block functions for OWASP and NCSC vulnerabilities. It prevents personal information leakage and performs effective web attack response by terminating the suspicious session.

Key Features


 Detects and blocks the malicious traffic on IPv4/IPv6

Detects and blocks OWASP / NCSC vulnerabilities

Web attack signature pattern matching and regular expression pattern block

Blocks personal information exposure like credit card number

Prevents homepage forgery and protects web page contents

Blocks cookie modulation and hidden field search

Forced browsing for abnormal access prevention

Exceptional Page, Exceptional Directory, Extension Control

User Friendly GUI

 Increases Monitoring Efficiency by Independent Window by Each Function

Encrypted Communication

 Supports SSL Decryption

Stable Network Service

 Network Traffic and System Overload Monitoring Function

Latest Vulnerability

 Rapid Response by Own Computer Emergency Response Team (WSEC)


 Detected/blocked/transferred attack event history and detailed traffic report


 Interworking with Integrated Security Control System (ESM)



DDoS Detection/Block

Displays the DDoS status on the webpage (URL)

Automatic BlackHole List


URI Self-Learning, Response Time by Each Webpage (URI)

Provides Detection/Hit Count by Each Webpage (URI)

Real-time Monitoring

Real-time Traffic Progress Graph. TCP/UDP/ICMP/Etc Monitoring

Real-time Detection/Block Details, Real-time Policy Status by Domain, Real-time System Monitoring

Log Search

Provides Various Filters for Detect Log

Filtering for Real-time Detect Log. More Accurate Monitoring for Specific Attacks


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