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SNIPER VPM is Video Privacy Management System that prevents the personal information leakage by analyzing the access and control records of video information management system application for authorized internal administrator such as CCTV, Network Camera, DVR, NVR, Video Server, NVS, Storage/Distribution Server, VMS, and CMS.


SNIPER VPM (Video Privacy Management) is the internal control system which monitors the internal user’s abusing behavior by analyzing the log from the video surveillance system. As the personal information leakage due to the improper video privacy management, more strict control for privacy leakage abuse is required on privacy protection law and public organization video information control device installation/operation guideline. SNIPER VPM protects the personal video information leakage by preventing video abusing and original video/log file modulation and damage through the access of the authorized administrator and behavior analysis. By interworking with UTM and IPS, SNIPER VPM provides more accurate and rapid detection for personal video information leakage and abusing behavior.


Key Features

Key Features
File Management

Video File Encryption While Exporting

Video File Exporting Process and Log Management Function

DRM Interworking Option for File Stability and Browse Log Management


Real-time Video Information Abusing Behavior Monitoring and Log Management

Each Individual System Operation Check


Video Masking Function for Privacy Protection


Timeline Between Different Vendor’s Log by GMT Base


Modulation Check for Collected Log



Collecting Range

Collects System Operational Behavior from CCTV, Video Storage, Management Solution (VMS)

Analysis Information

User Behavior Base Event Analysis and Statistical Summary. Detailed Condition Analysis for Event Filtering


Real-time Video Device Event and Failure Monitoring. Event Progress Log 


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