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SNIPER AF is Next Generation Application Firewall that is located on the access point between the internal network and external networks such as Internet to control service requests to the target network, block unauthorized access, filter contents, and serve as a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

It protects against overall security threats by collecting security policies at the application layer and establishing IP/Port-based security policies.


SNIPER AF is the Next Generation Application Firewall that protects against overall security threats by collecting security policies at the application layer and establishing IP/Port-based security policies. SNIPER AF provides more powerful security functions by accurate controlling the various applications. Its default policies and security modules do not decrease the performance or network speed. Moreover, superior performance can be implemented while various functions like Firewall, IPS, Anti-DDoS, Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, and VPN are activated through parallelized module processing, high speed traffic processing engine, and high performance hardware. SNIPER AF secures for both security and reliability with optimized technology and superior performance.

Key Features




 24/7 Malicious Traffic Real-time Detecting and Logging 

Optimized Application Control Pattern  

Detects/Blocks DoS and DDoS Attack via Behavior/Signature Based Detection

Detects/Blocks Malware and Virus Hacking

Detects/Blocks Malicious Spam Mail 

Improved Detection Accuracy and Minimized False Positive via Multi-Level Layer Engines

Attack Detection by Intrusion Type Basis and Intrusion Source Tracing Function

Detects/Blocks L3, L5~L7 Attack by Packet Reassemble, Normalization

User Friendly GUI

 Increases Monitoring Efficiency by Independent Window by Each Function

Convenient GUI and Rapid Response for User’s Request

Various Functions

 Improved Security by Applying Different Authority for Each Administrator

Individual Policy Applying for Each Security Zone

Dual-Stack Structure which Supports IPv4 and IPv6 Simultaneously

Various Functions like FW, IPS, Anti-Spam, and Anti-Virus

Controls and Detects Various Applications

Supports Firewall and VPN Functions

Supports QoS (Quality of Service) with BPS, PPS Threshold

Encrypted Communication

 SSL Encrypted Interface for Safe Central Control by Remote Integrated Manager

SSL Encrypted Communication Channel for Safe Control on SNIPER Client

User Authentication

 Packet / User Authentication Based Filtering

ID Based User Authentication Function

Latest Vulnerability

 Rapid Response by Own Computer Emergency Response Team (WSEC)


 Effective Report for Traffic, Intrusion Detection, Intrusion Block, etc.



Control by Application and User Recognition

Detects the attacks which abuse the application layer contents and protocol vulnerability by analyzing for both packet header and data through DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) technology.

Packet Analysis by recognizing Application ID and User ID.

Multi-Level Defense Engine

Embedding Multi-level Security Modules for FW, IPS, Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, and Contents Filtering

Separated Security Policy Application

Security Zone Based Security Modules

User / Group Based Firewall, QoS, IM, P2P Security Policy

User ID Based Authentication by Interworking with Authentication Server (RADIUS, LDAP)

High Speed Network Traffic Handling Technology

High Speed Processing Engine for Network Traffic : DAME (Dynamic Allocating Multi-Process Engine)

Improved Performance by Effective Multi Core CPU Management

Encryption Technology

Self-Developed Encryption Module SNIPER Crypto Applied


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